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2024-02-24 00:25

Numerous people have approached me with questions on Buddhism and how to best approach learning more.  I the paragraphs below I'll discuss my recommendations on how to approach gaining a better insight to Buddhism and the practice of Buddhism.  I'll also discuss some potential pitfalls to the effort to learn about Buddhism.

1.  Introduction:

a.   If you have been in the Temple you'll have seen numerous books that are displayed on the table at the back of the Templa hall.  These books are free and you can take them home to study.  There is, however; something that you should be aware of.  Buddhism is a very deep religion.  Most of the books are written by scholars and you will probably be overwhelmed by the content and complexity.  In addition, remember that Buddhism is comes from a very different culture.  These factors make it difficult to near impossible to understand without a significant amount of study and effort.  If that is your aim then select a book and study it at your leisure.  Please remember that it is a religious text and treat it with respect.

b.  I expect most visitors to the Temple have a general interest in basic Buddhism and really are only interested in the basics.  Occassionally, we have books in the Temple that are more focused on an overview of Buddhism with a slant towards non-Buddhist Americans.  I have asked the Temple to include some basic Buddhism books.

2.  One Person's Approach:

a.  The Temple has a Q&A session on the Temple and Buddhism every Sunday from 11:30am to 12:30pm.  Bring your questions and (hopefully) we can answer them on the spot.

b.  Browse the free books on Buddhism in the Temple.  Make sure that the level of the book is not too advanced for your current knowledge.

c.  Go to http://buddhanet.net.  This site has materials for the Buddhist novice to the Buddhist expert.  If you are new to Buddhism start easy.  For example,  from the Buddhist Studies menu, select Basic Buddhism Guide or Study for Schools as a starting point.

There a lot of good information on the web (and some not so good). I think the links above and some of your time will get you the information you seek!


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