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2024-02-24 00:30

This article was prepared by Wat Tampa.

Buddhist chanting is one of the most important activities practiced in Buddhism. It not only serves as a means for Buddhist to learn and embrace the teachings of the Buddha, but it also serves to train the mind and body to concentrate and be at peace amidst the business that exists in human lives.

Traditional Thai chanting is performed in Pali, the original language found in the Theravada Buddhist scriptures.  It is thought to be the best way to pay respect to the Buddha and the Triple Gem, the symbol of Buddhism.

Thai Buddhist practice daily chanting at home every morning and evening.  On special holidays, Thais will attend temples in order to practice longer versus of chanting and receive Buddhist teachings.

The Monks at Wat Mongkolratanaram lead Buddhist chanting every Sunday afternoon for one hour followed my meditation.  We welcome everybody who would like to join us in this practice.  We have chanting books in Thai and English for those who are interested in joining us.

We have provided two common verses of Buddhist chanting that Thai's practice on a daily basis and the English interpretation.  Please join us in Buddhism chanting today and feel free to ask any questions.

Editors Notes:

1. The English chanting books include English phonetics and English language translation of the chants,

2.  The daily practice chants are in the Buddhist Daily Chanting menu option on the Buddhism menu.



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