Rules and Disciplines for Meditation Workshop Participants

  1. Follow the Five Precepts
  2. Wear loose, modest clothing. 
  3. There will be no communications between participants except during conversations with the monks. If truly necessary, written messages are allowed. Questions and inquiries for the monks are also done in this manner.
  4. Be particularly mindful and observe all your actions: walking, sitting, standing, or lying down.
  5. Be considerate with restrooms, and keep them clean.
  6.  Be modest, and be careful not to criticize others. Examine yourself 90 percent of the time, and examine others 10 percent of the time.
  7. Participation in ALL scheduled activities is required.
  8. There will be no smoking or any substance usage.
  9. Eat  lunch, with beverages in the afternoon.(full day workshops only)
  10. Be mindful of your speeches and actions, making sure that they will not  disturb others.
  11. Keep the area clean.