Law 2: Preparing resources for life on two fronts.

     A. Choosing the people with whom one is to associate. One should
associate with people who will guide one’s life along a path that is
prosperous and constructive, by avoiding false friends and associating
only with true friends as follows:
1. Recognizing the four kinds of false friends or enemies in the guise of
friends (mittapañiråpaka):
          1) The out-and-out robber, who only takes from his friend, has four features
               (1) He thinks only of taking.
               (2) He gives just a little only to gain a lot.
               (3) Only when he himself is in danger does he help his friend out.
               (4) He associates with his friend only for his own sake.

          2) The smooth talker has four features:
               (1) He talks only of what is done and gone.
               (2) He talks only of what has not yet come.
               (3) He offers help that is of no use.
               (4) When his friend has some business in hand, he always makes excuses.

          3) The flatterer has four features:
               (1) He consents to [his friend’s] doing wrong.
               (2) He consents to his doing right.
               (3) He praises him to his face.

               (4) He disparages him behind his back.

            4) The leader to ruin has four features:
               (1) He is a companion in drinking.
               (2) He is a companion in nightlife.
               (3) He is a companion in frequenting shows and fairs.
               (4) He is a companion in gambling.

2. Knowing of the four kinds of true friends or friends at heart