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2022-01-28 11:12

A novice example of Buddhist philosophy:

  1. Setting: Husband returning from work with migraine. Wife greets husband at door and says “How was your day?” Husband explodes! Wife is hurt, angry, etc. This typically ends up as an unsatisfactory experience for both.
  2. Question: How does this scenario illustrate Buddhism thought?
  3. Response:
    1. Fundamental idea in Buddhism is (simply stated): See the world as it actually exists; not as you wish it to exist and act accordingly. In this case act could be actions, thoughts, talk, etc.
    2. Background: Implementation of the above is typically pursued through meditation – calming and insight.
    3. Insight meditation can lead to seeing the world and things happening and strip away the apparent cause to determine the real cause of suffering.
    4. Once identified, you can take “action” to “purify” your mind.
    5. Buddhism is touted as a “scientific” religion because it recognizes “cause and affect” – e.g., bad actions yield bad Karma
  4. Still don’t get it?
    1. You’ll often hear the word “defilement”. A definition of defilement is “mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions.”
    2. When you have rightly understood mental and physical processes as they really are you'll be able to do away with mental defilements which are the causes of suffering. That's why you have to develop your mindfulness, which is the cause of deep concentration on which right understanding or insight knowledge is built. http://www.buddhanet.net/vmed_6.htm
  5. You got it!
    1. To solve a problem you have to understand the cause of the problem. What is the real cause of the husband’s action (exploding). Hint: It’s not the wife saying “How was your day?”
    2. The real problem here is the migraine. If you are mindful you realize the real problem and the action to take – i.e., take your medication.
    3. By understanding the real cause of the pain, the husband avoids the unsatisfactory condition of arguing with his wife – suffering.
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