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2022-01-28 10:50

 Meditation Workshop for Mental Detoxification & Relaxation

Wat Tampa, 5306 Palm River Road, Tampa, FL 33619

This workshop was held on April16, 2016

The date for the next meditation workshop will be announced later this month.

Enjoy the fresh air from the Palm River as you learn a most valuable technique for living a life of peace and joy.


  • The meditation workshop is open to the public.
  • Instruction during the workshop is in English. 
  • The workshop is open to both men and women
  • The Temple will provide lunch
  • There is no fee for the workshop but a donation to the temple is recommended.
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothes, preferably white to honor the Buddhist tradition. You may want to bring a meditation cushon if you have one

You can request more information on the next workshop by clicking on the Feedback button (left side of web page) and completing the feedback form.  Select Meditation Workshop from the  Type Request drop down menu and complete the other information in the eedback window.

Benefits of attending the workshop include:

  • Mindful Stretching, Mindful Walking and Mindful Sitting
  • Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Achieve inner peace, purify the mind and gain pure happiness

The program will include Buddha's teachings, sitting/standing/walking meditation with instructions, and questions & answer session.

Please note the time schedule for a typical meditation workshop is described below.

Time Leaders Activity
8:00 am  Dr Wan / Volunteers Registration (Coffee / Water are provided)
 8:30 am  Mr. Tom  Welcome to Wat Mongkolratanaram
 9:00 am  The Abbot  Morning Chanting and Five Precepts lead by the Abbot.
 9:30 am  Chaplain Niphon  Introduction to Meditation and Practice
 10:00 am  Volunteers  Break - 15 minutes (Coffee / Water are provided)
 10:15 am  Chaplain Niphon  Mindful Stretching (Moving Meditation)
 10:45 am  Chaplain Niphon  Mindful Walking (Walking Meditation)
 11:15 am  Chaplain Niphon  Mindful Sitting (Sitting Meditation)
 11:45 am  Chaplain Niphon  Sharing Loving-Kindness and Compassion
 Noon  Volunteers  Lunch Break for meditation practitioners
 1:00 pm  Chaplain Niphon  Mindful Stretching (Moving Meditation)
 1:30 pm  Chaplain Niphon  Mindful Walking (Walking Meditation)
 2:00 pm  Chaplain Niphon  Mindful Sitting (Sitting Meditation)
 2:30 pm  Chaplain Niphon  Sharing Loving-Kindness and Compassion
 2:45 pm  Volunteers  Break - 15 minutes (Coffee and Water are provided)
 3:00 pm  Volunteers  Questions and Answers
 3:30 pm  Chaplain Niphon  Conclusion
 3:45 pm  The Abbot  Offerings to the Monks and Blessing the Participants
 4:00 pm  Chaplain Niphon  Thank You, Good Bye, & Safe Journey Home

Points of Contact:

Chaplain Niphon Sukuan: Tel: 206-267-8140 or Email:

Mr. Tom: Email:

Dr. Wan Thongsa-nga: Tel: 813-621-1669 or Email:


Reflections from "No Ajahn Chah", Meditation Master, Thai Forest Tradition

"Time is our present breath.   You say you are too busy to meditate.

Do you have time to breathe?   Meditation is your breath.

Why do you have time to breathe, but not to meditate?

Breathing is something vital to people's lives.
If you understand that meditation practice is vital to your life, then you will feel that breathing and meditation practice are equally important.
If your mind is happy, then you are happy anywhere you go.  When wisdom awakes within you, you will see the Truth wherever you look.  Truth is all there is.


It's like when you've learned how to read.  You can then read anywhere you go. There are people who are born and die and never once are aware of their breathe, going in and out of their body.  That is how far away the live from themselves"


Meditation Workshop for Mental Detoxification & Relaxation
At Wat Mongkolratanaram, Tampa FL.

NOTE: This is a generic description of the Temple Meditation Workshops. A specific article will be available once a meditation workshop has been scheduled.

Wat Tampa is sponsoring a meditation workshop on <to be announced date>. The meditation workshop is opened to the public free of charge, donation is always welcome. The Mental detoxification program is suitable for everyone who wants to improve the health and metal development.The schedule of events can be viewed by clicking the Read More link below..

You can sign up at the Temple on this web site once a workshop has been scheduled. At the conclusion of the workshop there will be a Q&A session with the monks presenting the workshop.

The program will typically start at 8:30am and end about 4:00pm on Saturday. Please arrive at the Temple by 8:15am.  The program will include Buddha's teaching, sitting, standing and walking meditation with instructions. Please wear loose comfortable cloths (suitable for the practice of Yoga), preferably white to honor Thai Buddhist's tradition. Bring a meditation cushion if you have one.

Generic Meditation Workshop

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