The following are two common versus of Buddhist chanting that Thai's practice on a daily basis and the English interpretation.  The bolded lines are a English "phonetics" that approximate the chant as heard in Pali.  This document was provideed by WatTmapa. 

The English translation (blue) follows the "phonetics".

Bowing to the Triple Gem

Arahung summa sumbuddho pakava

The Perfectly Self enlightened one and blessed one, who has extinguished all suffering.

 Buddhang Pakawuntung abhivatemi

I bow down before the Awakened, Blessed One

-- bow --

Savakkatho Pakavata tummo

The Dhamma is well-expounded by the Blessed One

-- bow --

Tummung na-mussami

I pay homage to the Dhamma

-- bow --

Supatipanno pakavato savaka sung ko

The Sangka of disciples who have practiced well

-- bow --

Sunkung namami

I bow low before the Sangha

-- bow --

Repeat the following three times with bow after each repetition

Namo tassa bhagavto arahato samma sambhudssa

Honor to Him, the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the fully Enlightened