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Dogs are welcome at the Sunday Market but please don't bring them onto the deck where the food is served.

The Sunday Market is held every Sunday, come rain or shine, from about 8:30am until 1:00 pm. Some booths may run out of food earlier. Come join us for great food & view in a family friendly setting!

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Transference of Merit (Thai book p.29)

(Handa mayang uddissanadhitthanagathayo bhanama se)

Imina punnakammena
Duai bun nii utit hai
(I dedicate the blessings that have arisen from my practice to)

Upajjhaya gunuttara
Upatchaa puu lert kun
(my most venerable preceptor)

Acariyupakara ca
Lae aajaan puu gueah nun
(and teachers who have helped me,)

Matapita ca yataka
Tang poo mae lae puang yaat
(my mother, father and relatives,)

Suriyo candima raja
Soon jan lae raachaa
(king and queen, worldly powers,)

Gunavanta nara pi ca
Puu song kun rue soong chaat
(virtuous human beings,)

Brahmamara ca inda ca
Prohm maan lae intaraat
(the supreme beings, demons and high gods,)

Lokapala ca devata
Tang tuay tep lae lokabaan
(the guardian deities of the world, celestial beings,)

Yamo mitta manussa ca
Yomaraat manut mit
(the Blessed One of death, people friendly,)

Majjhatta verikapi ca
Puu pen glaang puu jaung plaan
(indifferent and hostile,)

Sabbe satta sukhi hontu
Khaw hai pen sukksaan tuk thua naa yaa tukk ton
(may all beings be well and free from unsatisfactoriness.)

Punyani pakatani me
Bun paung tii khaa tam jong chuay amnuay suphapon
(May the skillful deeds done by me)

Sukhanca tividhang dentu
Hai sukk saam yaang lon
(bring you threefold bliss.)

Khippang papetha vo matang
Hai ruu thueng nippaan plan
(May this transference of merit quickly bring you to the deathless.

AImina punyakammena
Duai bun nii tii rao tam
(By this act of goodness)

Imina uddissena ca
Lae utit hai puang sat
(and through this act of sharing)

Khippahang sulabhe ceva
Rao plan dai sueng gaan tat
(may I likewise attain the cutting off)

Tua tanhaa upaataan
(of craving and clinging.)

Ye santane hina dhamma
Sing chua nai duang jai
(Whatever faults I have)

Yava nibbanato mamang
Gwaa rao dja thueng nippaan
(until I attain liberation)

Nassantu sabbada yeva
Malaai sin jaak san daan
(may they be quickly overcome.)

Yattha jato bhave bhave
Tuk tuk phop tii rao gert
(Wherever I am born)

Ujucittang satipanya
Mii jit trong lae sati tang panya an prasert
(may there be an upright mind with mindfulness,supreme wisdom)

Sallekho viriyamhina
Praum tang kwaam peean lert bpen krueang khoot
gilet haai
(and perseverance. May these work together to uproot all defilements.)

Mara labhantu nokasang
Ogaat yaa pueng mii gae moo maan sin tang laai
(May all harmful influences)

Katun ca viriyesu me
Bpen chaung pratusaraai tam laai laang kwaam peean jom
(not weaken my efforts.)

Buddha-dipavaro natho
Pra Putth puu bauworanaat
(The Buddha is the unexcelled protector,)

Dhammo natho varuttamo
Pra Thamm tii pueng udom
(the Dhamma is the supreme protection,)

Natho Paccekabuddho ca
Pra Paccekaputtha som
(peerless is the Silent Buddha,)

Sangho nathottaro mamang
Top Pra Song tii pueng payaung
(the Sangha is my true refuge.)

Tesottama nubhavena
Duai aanuphaap nan
(By the power of these Supreme Ones)

Marokasang labhantu ma
Khaw moo maan yaa dai chaung
(may I rise above all ignorance.)

Dasapunya nubhavena
Duai det bun tang sip paung
(Through this tenfold merit)

Marokasang labhantu ma
Yaa pert ogaat gae maan tern
(may all obstacles cease to manifest.)

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