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Dogs are welcome at the Sunday Market but please don't bring them onto the deck where the food is served.

The Sunday Market is held every Sunday, come rain or shine, from about 8:30am until 1:00 pm. Some booths may run out of food earlier. Come join us for great food & view in a family friendly setting!

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Panca Abhinhapaccavekkhana
5 Subjects for Recollection (Thai book p.35)

(Handa mayang abhinhapaccavekkhanapathang bhanama se)

Jara-dhammomhi *(dhammamhi) * (for women)
Rao mii kwaam gae bpen thammadaa
(I have aging as a natural way of being,)

Jarang anatito *(anatita)
Rao dja luang kwaam gae bpai mai dai
(passing over aging is impossible,)

Bayadhi-dhammomhi *(dhammamhi)
Rao mii kwaam jep khai bpen thammadaa
(I have pain and sickness as a natural way of being,)

Bayadhing anatito *(anatita)
Rao dja luang kwaam jep khai bpai mai dai
(passing over pain and sickness is impossible,)

Marana-dhammomhi *(dhammamhi)
Rao mii kwaam taai bpen thammadaa
(I have death as a natural way of being,)

Maranang anatito *(anatita)
Rao dja luang kwaam taai bpai mai dai
(passing over death is impossible,)

Sabbehi me piyehi manapehi nanabhavo vinabhavo
Rao dja la wen bpen dtang dtang kue waa dja platpra djak
kong rak kong charoen jai tanglai tang puang
(all that is mine, beloved and pleasing will become otherwise, all will become separated from me.)

Kammassa-komhi *(kamhi)
Rao bpen puu mii gamm bpen koong koong ton
(I am the owner of my kamma (intentional action)

Kamma-dayado *(dayada)
Bpen puu rap pon koong gamm (heir to my kamma,)

Bpen puu mii gamm bpen gamnert (born of my kamma,)

Bpen puu mii gamm bpen paopan (related to my kamma,)

Bpen puu mii gamm bpen tii pueng aasai (abide dependent on my kamma,)

Yang kammang karissami
Rao jak gratam gamm an dai wai (whatever kamma I make,)

Kalyanang va papakang va
Bpen bun rue bpen bpaap (whether good or evil,)

Tassa dayado *(dayada) bhavissami
Rao jak bpen puu rap pon koong gamm nan nan
(of that intentional action I shall be the heir.)

Evang amhehi abhinhang paccavekkhitabbang
Rao tang laai pueng pijarrana yang nii tuk tuk wan dang nii
(Thus we should frequently recollect.)

Sabbe sankhara anicca
Sankhaan kue raang-gaai jit jai lae ruup Thamm naam Thamm tang mot
tang sin man mai tiang gert khuen leeo dap bpai mii leeo haai bpai
(All conditioned things, mentally and physically, are impermanent; they come into existence and
have to pass away.)

Sabbe sankhara dukkha
Sangkhaan kue raang-gaai jit jai lae ruup Thamm naam Thamm tang mot
tang sin man bpen tukk ton yaak praw gert khuen leeo gae jep dtai bpai
(All conditioned things, mentally and physically, are heavy dukkha because what was born, will
grow old, get sick and die.)

Sabbe dhamma anatta
Sing tang laai tang puang tang tii bpen sangkhaan lae mii chai sangkhaan
tang mot tang sin mai chai tua mai chai ton mai kuan thue waa rao waa
koong rao waa tua waa ton koong rao
(All conditioned things and the unconditioned are not self, we cannot say that this is me, mine,
myself or that they belong to me.)

Adhuvang jivitang
Chiwit bpen koong mai yang yuen
(Life is not long lasting,)

Dhuvang maranang
Kwaam dtai bpen koong yang yuen
(death is always inevitable,)

Avassang maya maritabbang
An rao ja pueng dtai bpen tae
(so only death is our real refuge.)

Maranapariyosanang me jivitang
Chiwit koong rao mii kwaam taai bpen tii sut (raup)
(Death is the thing we are moving towards.)

Jivitang me aniyatang
Chiwit koong rao bpen koong mai tiang
(Life is impermanent,)

Maranang me niyatang
Kwaam taai koong rao pen koong tiang
(so death certainly happens.)

Kuan tii ja sangwet (Have pity)

Ayang kayo acirang
Raang-gaai nii mii dai tang yuu naan
(on this body for it does not last long.)

Kran praasajaak winyaan
(We will be without consciousness)

An khao ting sia leeo
(when we have to leave behind the body.)

Jak noon tap (The body lies)

Sueng paen din (upon the earth,)

Kalinggarang iva
Pradut dang waa toon mai lae toon fuen
(being less valuable than a piece of wood,)

Haa prayot mii dai (there is no real value in any of it.)

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